Wednesday 10 July 2024

Night Sky

 Nanne Nyander

Sailing through the night sky, 

looking for you.
Are you still dreaming, 

or are you awake, awake to reality, 

awake to the truth?
Sail with me, through the sky, 

till we reach the end of time. 

We are going nowhere, 

and it’s a beautiful journey. 

- Nanne Nyander

Nanne Nyander

What is me?
There is nothing left to hold me together. 

Everything is not me.
What is left, when nothing is me?
But still, something continues looking.
What are you looking for?
Sounds bouncing around in my head and disappear. 

New ones come and replace the old ones, 

some seem to come back,
again and again.
But back to what? 

- Nanne Nyander

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