Wednesday 10 January 2024



Mind is a magician creating the most convincing illusions. 

-"The Way Back Home"


I’m a free being,
being captured in my own mind.
In bondage by believing in what’s not true.
I’m a free being. Truth is what I am.
I’m a free being,
being trapped in this world of illusions.
I’m a free being.
I walk alone, I walk in my own footsteps, 
circling round and round
till I get too dizzy to think clearly.
I know I am free, help me to remember.
I’m a free being,
being oblivious of my own freedom.
I stand tall,
I have both feet firmly on the ground,
 steady and determined to be grounded in the truth. 
I’m a free being,
I walk alone.
I walk till I reach the edge of this world.
One more step
and this illusion no longer has a grip on me. 
I AM a free being.


  -from "Out of the Labyrinth"