Wednesday 2 February 2022

Book "Silence"


Welcome to my Writing Space!

I’m working on a new book of poems.
I have previously written a book that I called Silence. 
The book Silence has a collection of 30 poems 
and 31 full pages of my Angel-paintings.
The poems are mostly about the “path” 
to spiritual awakening.


ISBN: 9789176997949


Click on the link if you wish to order the book: 

Poems from the book “Silence”.


The nature is out there, 

Telling its story. Can you hear it? 

It can’t see it-self, but you are its eyes, 

Its senses, you are its voice, you can tell its story, 

If you can hear it. Listen!... I can hear it screaming 

Loud enough for the whole planet to wake up. 

Slow down. Wake up and listen… 

Why can’t you hear it? 

I call out its pain in a tormented voice, 

And wonder… 

Why can’t you hear me? 


It’s a longing in my chest so big, 

A longing for you and the infinite. 

Enter my soul and let us melt into the sea of life. 

Let us float down the river of bliss. 

Let us embrace each other like two angels hungry for 

Eternal love. Let us wake up together and become 

One with the universe. 


Silence is all around us, 

Listen and you can hear it loud enough 

To wake the unconscious. 

Penetrate my soul and you can move 

To another dimension, 

Silently you can slip through the veil. 

Be what you are, the unborn being 

That has been unnoticed following you 

Every step of the way, to your own