Friday 5 July 2024


 Nanne Nyander

Rain washes away my tears,
washes away the frustrating feeling of being lost.

-Nanne Nyander

Nanne Nyander
"Hope" by Nanne Nyander

Thoughts are like leaves in the autumn, 

don’t get attached to them,

let them do their dance,

let them do their intriguing dance 

and move on. 

-Nanne Nyander


My soulmate is not some distant lover far away. 

My soulmate is within me and without me, 

being aware of my soul calling out for help, 

not understanding why I’m struggling and crying. 

“I am right here, and so are you,” she says.

I let my guard down and let her in. 

Everything vanishes. 

It’s quiet, peaceful, silent. 

I’m calm, I’m weightless, 

was it all a dream? 

Or is this a dream? 

-Nanne Nyander


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