Saturday 1 June 2024

Only Resting

 Nanne Nyander

Nanne Nyander . se
Only Resting by Nanne Nyander


Everything is falling apart,

I’m falling apart.
What I once thought was me is falling apart, 

it doesn’t hold together anymore. 

Random pieces floating around in the universe. 

If I don’t pick them up and build a me, 

I’m nowhere to be found. 

-One Without a Second


There is no solid ground,
nowhere to land.
A feeling is just a feeling, without any meaning, 

a sound is just a sound, no meaning.
I am nowhere to be found.
An emotion is just an emotion, no suffering, 

no story, nowhere to land.
Feelings, sound, smell, sight,
it’s all separate without any connecting threads. 

Still, it is all the same.
I’m not even lost,
me does not exist.
If I don’t create an I,
if I don’t create a self out of nothing,
I’m nowhere to be found,
there’s nowhere to land,
nothing to land on,
nothing that can land.
here I am. 

-One Without a Second


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