Thursday 14 March 2024

Slow down



Empty world, empty words. 

Everyone is talking, but no one is listening. 

    - "Out of the Labyrinth"


Slow down,

I can’t see what I’m thinking.
It’s probably something brilliant. 

It’s like a massive jigsaw puzzle.
All the pieces, thrown up in the air, 

some pieces upside down
and some pieces the right side up, 

showing me fragments of this brilliancy, 

but I can’t make out the whole picture. 

I can sense it’s something magnificent. 

I can feel it.
One day soon, I will put it all together,

then I will show you how brilliant I am. 

    - "Out of the Labyrinth"


In an insane world,
 who is the winner?

The insane person,
 or the one who has left it all behind,

the one who has realised she is nothing?

In an insane world,
 what is the goal?

To become more insane 

or to realise you’re the one watching it all passing by?

 In an insane world,

are you the participator or the spectator?

Or are you both? 


 - "Out of the Labyrinth"


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