Saturday 25 November 2023

Teatime with Poems.


Teatime with Poems! 


Can you learn to love the feeling of falling apart, 

can you accept knowing nothing,
can you stay in the quiet space?
Tell me, my friend,
what’s your life without your story? 

-from the book "Out of the Labyrinth"


Love enters my eyes and pours out of my skin, 

it lands on the ground and flows down to the river, 

it unites with the ocean,

and becomes one with the sky,

turns into rain, 
the rain is falling on my head, 

it’s running down my face,
 entering my skin,

overflowing in my eyes,

love is pouring out of my eyes as tears,

love is falling on the ground,

my tears are entering the flowers on the ground. 

Love is penetrating the fragrance of the flowers. 

I pick a flower, smell it, and love enters my nose. 

I breathe out,
 and love becomes the air we breathe, 

becomes the infinite,
 love is the infinite,

I am one with everything,

I am one,

I am the infinite,

I am Love. 

-from the book "The Struggle of Going Nowhere"


Don’t be afraid. I’ve got you.

You can let go and be what you truly are.

What you are, behind all the masks that you’ve created, 

created to cover your face,

to disguise who you truly are.

Just let go,

I’ve got you. 

-from the book "The Way Back Home"



Can you see me, without the watcher? 

Can you hear me, without the listener? 

Can you feel where you are?

Can you sense what you are? 

I’m here, I’m empty, I’m stillness, 

I’m silent, I’m SILENCE. 

-from the book "Silence"


Life is a poem, not yet read. 
Silence is the answer to all the questions never asked. 

-Nanne Nyander


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