Friday 9 December 2022

Out of the Labyrinth

 I have been writing poems for the last couple of years, 
or have they been written through me? 
Just like most of my paintings, these poems are about spiritual awakening, which is not always an easy ride. Well, is it ever? 
Some have it smoother than others, I guess.

My poems have turned into three books. 

”Poems from the path to spiritual awakening.”

Book one is available now. “Out of the Labyrinth”, 

each book contains 111 poems. 

You can order the book from most bookstores 

or click on the link:

Here are some selected poems from book one, 

“Out of the Labyrinth”.


Colour and light
playing seriously on the canvas,
making stunning pictures.
wondrous, silent,
wordless signs, leading to your inner self.
The painter has given you a key to your own universe. 

It brings you silence 

in the midst of your tumultuous world. 

The world is full of signposts,
find them, 

take them in. 

Cherish them, 

breathe in the moment. 



fearless, silent.
You are here to meet the I. 


Have I lost this battle?
Am I still a worthy warrior,
even though it seems like a never-ending war? 

The war is between my mind
and the truth of what I am.
It’s a one-sided war that can not be won 

until I lay down my weapons and realise 

that we are on the same side.
My war is in my head,
and as long as the fighting is going on, 

there will be no peace. 

Truth is my ally.
Truth is within me. 

Truth is me.
I am truth,
I’m silence,
I’m the silent warrior for peace. 


I’ve been chasing myself my whole life, 

like chasing my own shadow. 

When I finally stopped,
I managed to catch up with myself, 

realising that,
I’ve been here the whole time. 


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